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Slick-50 Engine Treatment 750ml

Slick-50 Engine Treatment 750ml
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Slick-50 Engine Treatment 750ml

Product Description

Slick50® Engine Treatment is a unique formula that helps to protect the engine against friction and heat, in turn assisting to extend the life of the engine. Suitable for use in both Petrol and Diesel engines, including vehicles with turbochargers, that use mineral or semi-synthetic motor oils. Regular use ensures smoother running, and a more stable and durable engine. Protection to the engine is especially important in high-stress driving conditions when driving fluidity is affected by traffic or roadworks, if the vehicle is towing or even when the weather is exceptionally cold or the vehicle does frequent short trips. A more fluid running vehicle can even lead to less fuel consumption and the risk of breakdowns and costly engine repairs can be reduced. One pack of Slick50 Engine Treatment, 750ml is suitable for engines up to 3000cc.

  1. Helps to protect the engine against fiction and heat when operating under stress, such as towing, carrying heavy loads or in heavy traffic.
  2. Contains proprietary friction modifier- creates an enhanced layer of lubrication, minimizing friction produced heat, for a smoother operation.
  3. Anti-wear agent forms a self-regenerating protective surface between metal parts to prevent these grating together.
  4. A dispersant helps to keep the engine clean by preventing the build-up of sludge and deposits on engine parts.
  5. Compatible with all major types of mineral and semi-synthetic motor oils, suitable for use in both Petrol and Diesel engines
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