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Namaaz Book, Sajid al-Qadiri Arabic English, Urdu text, New Edition Islamic Pray

Namaaz Book, Sajid al-Qadiri Arabic English, Urdu text, New Edition Islamic Pray
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Translation and Transliteration New Edition

1.    A5 (22 x14cm)

2.    Paperback - 135 pages,

3.    by Sajid ul Qadri.

4.    Arabic, Urdu, English & Transliteration


'' ....'Namaaz' - the compulsory prayer, is a very essential element of Islam. It possesses an abundance of physical and spiritual benefits, which cannot be attained without deep concentration, making many people discontent. Some concentration can be acquired through understanding the meanings of the text of Namaaz.

As every language has its own order of contents which varies from other languages, the reader can never successfully understand the meanings of the words individually. This is the first book that solves the problems of meanings completely. It is also a comprehensive book in this sense, as every word is translated into Urdu and English and then also transliterated... ''

The Contents include: 

  • ·         Imaan-e-Muzammil,
  • ·         Imaan-e-Mufassal,
  • ·         the Six kalima's,
  • ·         Adhaan,
  • ·         Adhaan-e-Fajr,
  • ·         Iqaamat,
  • ·         Du'a after Azaan,
  • ·         Du'a entering/leaving the Masjid,
  • ·         The Salaah, (Namaaz),
  • ·         Ayatul Kursi,
  • ·         Darood Shareef,
  • ·         Supplications after Namaaz,
  • ·         Du'a-e-Qunoot,
  • ·         Tasbih Taraweeh,
  • ·         Namaaz-e-Janaaza,
  • ·         Du'a-e-Istikaarah,
  • ·         Du'a-e-Hajat,
  • ·         Masnun Supplications and
  • ·         Everyday & Occasional Du'as.

[Arabic Urdu - English Translation, Transliteration].

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